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Tooth Whitening in northern ireland

Your smile is the first thing that most people notice about you.  If you drink tea, coffee, red wine, or just feel a little self conscious about your smile then dental whitening might be for you.  Our teeth are surprisingly porous and over the years coloured foods and oils build up within the tooth substance to discolour it.  Whereas polishing can remove deposits on the outside of the tooth, the staining inside can't be removed with cleaning, toothpastes or over the counter products.

The technique we use is easy and we use professional whitening products from WhiteWash Laboratories.  There are no injections and there's no scary drilling.  We choose and prescribe a gel for each case.  The gel is used in tiny amounts in clear dental trays, which are individually made, and breaks down into oxygen and water and gives a clean, healthy, whiter smile.  Dental whitening is relatively inexpensive and we get beautiful results.  Teeth whitening is not suitable for under 18s. Professional dental whitening is carried out under the supervision of a dentist.  Depending on the desired result and the initial shade of your teeth, it can take a number of weeks to achieve.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Whitening your teeth clears the debris, however, it is likely that you may eat and drink similar foods over time.  Most people require a top up for two to three days over two to three years, but this varies on your eating, drinking and smoking habits.

‘Topping Up’ on whitening and Air Polishing.

If there is a special event or holiday coming up, or if you have overindulged on coffee, tea or red wine you might want to top up your whitening.  You can be prescribed individual gels for this, it generally will not take a new course.   We also have professional whitening strips available which are handy for top ups, holidays and as an introduction to whitening. 

Non-peroxide products are available to buy from us without prescription.  We stock our favourite Whitewash Professional Whitening Toothpastes - great for keeping stains at bay! Stubborn stains between the teeth can also benefit from an air polishing treatment with our therapist.

Will teeth whitening change the colour of my crowns or fillings?

Remember that only natural tooth can be whitened.  Fillings, crowns, veneers and dentures won't change colour so the dentist will check first that whitening alone is suitable for you.  We will take moulds of your teeth and give you step-by-step instructions whilst monitoring your progress and watching your transformation.  Call us.  It is such an easy way to regain confidence in your smile.

How soon before my wedding should I whiten my teeth?

Congratulations!  Please come in to discuss your wedding as soon as you can.  Whitening is most effective if it is carried out slowly.  We would recommend starting your first course of whitening well before your wedding.  You can always top up closer to the time.  That way if there are any problem fillings or crowns on your front or side teeth, these can be dealt with well in advance of the big day without any last minute stress.  We recommend that you top up your whitening prior to the final week leading up to your wedding.

Bogus Whitening Booths

Given that it takes years for foodstuffs to build up within teeth, would it surprise you to learn that stains don't take 20 minutes to disappear?  Whitening is illegal by those other than dentists.  It is illegal for professional whitening products containing peroxide to be sold on the internet, at pop up kiosks, or at the beautician.   Please come in to see us so that we can assess if professional whitening is suitable for you.  You can report bogus whitening here -

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