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You aren’t alone if you are worried about bad breath. 

It is estimated that at least one in four of us has persistent oral malodour, or halitosis, and most people have worried about bad breath at some stage in their lives 

If you are affected by oral malodour it can have a massive impact on both the professional and social contacts you will feel confident to have as it becomes increasingly embarrassing to work with, or be in, close proximity to others. 

Almost worse still, is when you just aren’t sure if your breath is problematic.  It is notoriously difficult to tell yourself, and there is still an unrelenting taboo, so friends and family can’t always be relied upon to point you in the right direction.  You could try licking the back of your hand with your tongue, and allowing it to dry for 10 seconds to gauge if there is a poor odour, but this isn’t a very scientific test and relies on your own ability to smell. 

brunswick Dental Practice are passionate about improving the professional and social confidence of our patients. 

We are delighted to offer appointments at our Fresh Breath Clinics, which we run at work friendly times.  Here we will take a full medical and dental history to help identify the cause, test the saliva, provide treatment and give guidance on appropriate home remedies.

Persistent bad breath is potentiated by multiple causes, such as tonsil ‘stones’, smoking, some medical problems and lots of prescription medications.  We come across lots of patients who seem to brush their teeth much more frequently than twice a day, and spend too much on ineffective treatments that are actually causing more harm than good but yet, still have problems with bad breath and, subsequently, low confidence.  We can help.

Want to have fresh breath confidence? 

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